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Hairstyles are an important part of our appearance, and increasingly, women are not the only ones concerned about their look. More and more men are giving added attention to their hair and grooming. Present grooming trends have seen a better emphasis on matching Men’s hairstyles with fashion.

One such fashion trend for men today is the “Man Bun”, Yes, the man bun has turned Hollywood literally in a knot.

If we think back in history, the man bun was once reserved for the “Samurai” culture and way of life. Today, if a man sports longer hair, the man bun is a high-profile look hunks wear with manly pride.

When considering to man bun or not to man bun, you should consider the following about yourself and your lifestyle.

  • Is sports an important routine in your life?
  • Is keeping your hair off your face important to you?
  • Is feeling like a rock star your goal?
  • Is attracting women that love a more refined rock star image your cup of tea?

If your answer to any or all of these is “YES”, then you may want to consider sporting a “Man Bun” yourself.

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