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Finding the perfect hairstylist and hair salon ranks right up there with finding the ideal man or woman. The good news is that you don’t have to put yourself through a lot of trial and errors finding it necessary to wear a cover up hat or scarf until your hair grows back. There are a few good tips to help you make a choice you’ll be happy with.

  1. Start with referrals from friends, family or people you work with.
  2. Google the salon and read the online reviews.
  3. Visit the hair salon as a mystery shopper before you make an appointment. A) Sit in the waiting area and watch all the interaction between stylists and their clients as well as the team work between all the people that work at the salon. B) Are reading materials and refreshments in the waiting area? C) Look at the personal appearance of the stylists. D) Look at the finished product the hairstylists are giving their clients. E) Look if the salon and stylists maintain clean work stations and sanitary conditions. Remember clean salons indicate a high level of service and pride in their business.
  4. Ask if there are senior stylists on staff and, ask to see the stylist bios.

Asking the right questions and, following these simple tips will help you to find the perfect hairstylist and salon.

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